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Television and newspapers continuously bombard us with news of many deaths due to terrorist attacks or battlefield combats. But the news that we hear are mainly filtered and aimed to satisfy the curiosity of the many .... unfortunately, the truth is that there are many more conflicts than the ones we normally hear about... In fact if in our world we can count 201 states, it is sad to find out that 31 of those are at war, where by war it is intended a conflict that causes at least 1000 deaths a year. In my work I have represented each country as a sphere that positioned next to many others has to keep its balance in order not to affect the equilibrium of the whole. From the countries in war, instead, all the rage and hate emerge from within. They have an open hatch from which little soldiers come out bringing with them the worst of humanity, tilting a precarious balance and endangering the whole world's harmony.

"UNsteady" was made in 2011 with data collected during that year, but this is a work in progress where hopefully all of the spheres depicting soldiers will eventually disappear. 

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