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Alexia Manzoni Porath is an Italian artist who has been working with clay since 1994. She obtained her first degree in Political Science while still living in Rome, and began fully dedicating herself to art after moving to London with her husband. Following the enriching experience of working with various potters in the UK – uncovering the ‘secrets of clay’ – she decided to undertake a BA in Ceramics at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, graduating in 2006.

Her passion for art and her attention to issues that are shaping our life – in particular modern warfare and environmental pollution – has led to the production of works that not only aims to create a connection with the viewer but also wants to challenge and interact with them.

Alexia Manzoni Porath has exhibited in the UK, Germany, Italy, Monte Carlo and Singapore and after travelling and living for many years around Europe, Asia and Australia she is now based back to Rome where she dedicates her time both to creating and teaching. She has won “Le prix d’excellance pensè ècologique” at the Art Monaco 2014 exhibition.

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