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The theme that surrounds this particular group of work is war, a protest against war.

It aspires to denounce the horror that war represents and generates. Each piece represents an individual and its shape is the result of the emotions that I have perceived while reading of the many stories told by man and women whose lives were affected by war and terror.

The forms I create are the result of many different layers: each layer represents a moment in life, a memory, and every single slab has a story to tell. They form the structure of a reality, which cannot be ignored but is easily forgotten among everyday commitments. The transfers on it carry with them the “historical” memory of events that have happened or that are happening, and that slowly fade into the background, for better or worse, as time goes by.

The assemblage of so many and different layers is what makes, in my opinion, every piece, as every person, unique. In their final stage they acquire a heavy but vigorous shape which, while evoking human and material destruction and decay, they also send a cry for hope, in their attempt to reform the circle of life through a strong determination to survive the misfortunes and to fight against them.

During this process, my work has gained a life of its own. My pieces reveal memories and actions that come from people’s lives and in doing so have become the link between the human and the material, between hope and despair.

" It is not fear the prevailing feeling but a sensation of total nonsense, of a terrible mess, of a major defeat of the intellect."

Lilli Gruber "I miei giorni a Baghdad"

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