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Once I read that to make a 1 litre plastic bottle, 7 litres of water are used and, just in the UK, we throw away 10 billion plastic bottles a year...

I mould plastic bottles with porcelain and on them I print and engrave a pure and fighting nature. I talk about the challange that every day the nature has to endure in order to survive. I let my bottles talk using a code almost forgotten to the majority of us, the Morse Alphabet: in this way I attempt to create a link between nature and my work and my work and the viewer. Art can also be denounce and a source of inspiration. I want to give natue a new platform where to send messages.The pear instead gives me the opportunity to introduce pure nature into my work and to play with its different meanings. The ancient Chinese believed that the pear was a symbol of immortality (pear trees live for a long time) and I like the idea of using it in my work as a contrast with a nature in peril.My latest work is slowly moving towards the essence of my research. The observation of nature. Nature is observed almost under a microscope which allows us to see the detail unfortunately losing the big picture or allows us to look so close that, again, everything disappears under our own eyes.

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